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A roof that can support at minimum 930lbs/square (900 Series) and 540lbs/square (600 Series)
is required to install Ergosun. You may want to contact a roofing company or structural engineer before installing Ergosun with your roof. As well it is beneficial for maximum efficiency for there to be space to put tiles on the south facing side of the roof but that can be worked around if no space is available.

We offer shadow black, slate gray, and terracotta tiles available to go on your roof today. Our shadow black is a lighter black that will look beautiful on any modern home. Our slate gray is a lighter colored roof that will stand out on lighter colored homes. Our terracotta is a rustic red, commonly referred to as Spanish style.

Our tiles are certified in several high velocity hurricane zones. Our Boral Saxony 900 series are heavy tiles and function well in high wind.

It is recommended to spray your solar panels down a few times a year with a hose if you live in an area with little rain. It is still recommended to have your solar panels professionally cleaned annually. Panels after a cleaning may function up to 30% more efficiently. Trees that grow in the sun’s path to your tiles over the years may also need to be trimmed back to allow maximum sunlight.

Please contact Ergosun directly for any and all warranty issues. Our tiles our tiles have a power warranty of 80% peak power for up to 25 years, and a 12 year manufacturer warrantly for defects. If your system is under warranty we will fix it at no cost to you.

Net metering is the calculation of how much energy your system produces and if there is extra energy (more common in the summer’s longer days) the excess energy is sent back to the power grid which then goes to power your neighborhood. Your excess energy is sold for a credit to the energy company which then applies to your future energy bills

Yes. A photovoltaic solar system can not produce power if the sun is not out. Many homeowners choose to stay connected to the local power grid if there is not enough power generated.


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