building integrated solar Roof tiles

Go Solar, Beautifully.

Ergosun allows you to have the look of a traditional concrete roof, with the power generation of integrated solar technology.

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Aesthetic Solar + Roof

Solar Concrete Roof Tiles

Strategically modified into your homes architecture, Ergosun generates reliable power just like traditional solar. Replace your roof with our solar concrete tiles.

"Invisible Solar"

Leading Performance In Low Light Conditions.

Absorb more sunlight with our 3rd generation solar tile. Designed without a glass surface, our matte finish tiles consistently provide more energy.

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Easy installation


Reroof + solar has never been easier. Our plug-and-play system is installed the same way as a concrete tile roof.

"Invisible Solar"

Pioneering New Technology

Ergosun integrated solar roof tiles expand the possibilities of solar by maximizing efficiency and minimizing hardware.

Ergosun provides home solar energy minimized further than ever before.

Low-profile technology embedded into each integrated solar roof tile allows you to innovate with an equal emphasis on aesthetics and affordability, 

Now offering Shadow Black and Terracotta solar modules. Choose a tile blend that suits your homes architecture.

Our rigorously tested and proven system outperforms conventional and glass solar. Our matte finish modules absorbs more sunlight and makes your system unnoticeable from ground view.

Cut-cell technology between individual tiles lower the power load per cell and increase efficiency. Furthermore, a bypass diode prevents one shaded panel from affecting others so you can achieve maximum power on complex rooflines.

Ergosun is connected to the grid or to a storage system the same as traditional solar systems and is therefore eligible for all of the same tax rebates and savings.

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